Mapping Shared Drives to Your Windows Computer

Special Note

You must be given access permissions in order to access a departmental shared drive. To request access for yourself or someone else, you must be a faculty/staff member and you must know the specific directory that you are requesting access to. All requests for shared drive access must go through the IT Solutions Center. To access the Shared Drive while off campus, you must connect through the UTC VPN: Connect Your Windows Computer to the UTC VPN


Open the Start menu

  1. Search for 'My Computer' (if on Windows 7) or 'This PC' (if on Windows 10)
  1. Right click on the selection
  1. Select 'Map Network Drive…'
  1. Under the 'Drive' dropdown menu, select 'S:'
  1. Under the 'Folder' field, enter: '\\\depts\shared#'
  • Replace the '#' symbol with the correct shared drive for your department (ex. 1 – 9)
  1. Check 'Reconnect at sign-in'
  1. Select 'Finish'
  1. Select 'OK'



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