Encrypt an Email with the Outlook Application


Special Notes

  • These steps are for the Outlook desktop application. If you are using the Outlook web application, find those instructions here.
  • These instructions will not work for the Outlook mobile application.
  • Encrypting emails via Outlook will not work if you are sending the message to a Gmail inbox or if someone outside of UT wants to send an encrypted email.
  • If you need to send sensitive information to a Gmail account or someone outside of UT needs to send sensitive information, the UT Vault will need to be used.


  1. Open Outlook and select 'New Email'
  2. Draft your email and add any attachments
  3. Select the 'Options' tab
  4. Select the drop down arrow next to 'Encrypt'
  5. Select your desired encryption option*

*When you select an option, Outlook will provide a description of what your selection does for the email.



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