Planning, Evaluation, and Institutional Research (OPEIR)

Request institutional data and analysis, assistance with surveys and institutional assessments, SACSCOC and program accreditation information, help with strategic planning and reporting, and more.

Services (7)

Request for Aggregate Student, Faculty, Staff, or Program Data and Analysis

Request data and/or analysis including but not limited to enrollment, degrees awarded, retention, course outcomes, faculty information , SCH production, and reports for accrediting or governing bodies. Does not include individual student data.

Request for Data that Include Individual Student-Level Information

Request individual student-level datasets. This often requires IRB approval, depending on the content and purpose of the request.

Surveys, Evaluations, and Other Assessments

Request information on institutional surveys and assessments such as the CLE, FRA, NSEE, and FSSE; or, request help in the design, implementation, and analysis of your own surveys.

New Program and Program Modification Research and Workforce Data

Request help or information regarding new program and program modification processes and/or workforce data.

Institutional Strategic Planning and Reporting

Request information related to the university’s Strategic Plan and mandatory reporting to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

SACSCOC Accreditation

Request information related to the university’s SACSCOC Accreditation, including the associated reporting, processes, and the Quality Enhancement Plan.

Testing Center Services

The Testing Center provides UTC's students and the Chattanooga community with opportunities for admissions, college credit, and licensure/certification testing. Contact to schedule an exam.