Request for Aggregate Student, Faculty, Staff, or Program Data and Analysis


OPEIR provides data and analysis for a broad range of purposes. Examples include:

  • Data for External Reporting (Accrediting Bodies, Governing Boards, US News & World Report, etc.)
  • Enrollment and Degrees Granted
  • Grades, DFW Rates, and other Short Term Outcome Data
  • Retention, Migration, and Graduation Rate Data
  • Faculty and Staff Employment and Teaching Data
  • Program Data (SCH, Faculty FTE, Faculty/Student Ratios, etc.)
  • Miscellaneous ad hoc requests

Please see the following resources in case your needs are already met by existing OPEIR products.

Factbook Dashboards  SACSCOC

Estimated delivery times:
• Less than one week; or within days when needed for Chancellor/ELT, Board of Trustees, State government.
• 1-2 weeks for UT System, THEC, Other UTC Central Administration Leadership, Non-mandatory external reporting (US News, Open Doors, etc.), University and Program Accreditation
• Up to 4 weeks for student engagement and support programs, colleges/departments, funded grants or institutional level grant proposal requests.


Request Report


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Fri 5/28/21 10:06 AM
Mon 10/16/23 9:43 AM