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Creating a BibTex File

. If you have a account type in your utcID followed by (i.e., If you don't have a account and would like one, you may submit a request

Avaya Phone Menu Quick Reference Guide

options and settings for your deskphone, get information about your phone and network settings, and log out. When you press Avaya Menu, you see one of the following menus, depending on how your

Enable/Disable Call Waiting on Campus Phone

Directions Contact Client Services at (423) 425-4000 or

Report a Suspected Spam/Phishing Email

Directions Visit Phishbowl and check if the email you received has already been reported to Security. If the email you see has already been reported, you may delete the email. Forward the email to Delete the email unless instructed otherwise.

Mail from Associate Professor Donald Reising

: <> Date: Fri, Sep 9, 2022 at 9:20 AM Subject: Mail from Associate Professor Donald Reising To:  Hello Student, You have a message from Associate Professor Donald Reising. Kindly check the attached doc for further details Regards.,

4. Installing Creative Cloud Applications

Directions Launch the Creative Cloud desktop app.   Sign into your account by entering in the Email Address field. Tab to the next field, select Enter/Return, or

2. Downloading and Installing Creative Cloud

installs them   If prompted, log in with your and password   You have successfully installed the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop App, which will allow you to install the Creative Cloud applications

Reset Avaya Password

:// while on campus or connected to the VPN  For assistance with any VPN related issues, please contact the Helpdesk  Email:

Troubleshooting SharePoint/OneDrive Syncing Issues (Microsoft Windows)

files from the File Manager, open SharePoint on the web and make sure you can access and open the files.  Verify that you are signed in with your Microsoft username (usually

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) How do I change my contact information on my Faculty Profile? Most contact information is housed under the General Information header “Personal and Contact Information