Recover Your UTC Account


  1. Open your preferred web browser to:
  2. Select 'Forgot Password'
  3. In the ‘UTC’ field, enter your UTC ID (ex. abc123)
  4. Complete the reCAPTCHA on the page, if necessary
  5. Select 'Search'
  6. Choose your recovery method, email or SMS
  7. Retrieve your recovery code from your selected recovery method
  8. In the 'Code' field, enter your recovery code
  9. Select 'Check Code'
  10. Select 'Continue'
  11. In the ‘New password’ field, enter a new password
  • The password requirements are on the page for reference
  1. In the ‘Verify Password’ field, enter your new password again
  2. Select ‘Change Password’
  3. Click ‘Continue’


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Wed 4/21/21 10:53 AM
Wed 4/28/21 11:21 AM