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Get Started with IT

Are you new to campus as a student or employee? Refer to these guides to find out where to get started with technology.


Information related to account maintenance, such as password resets, Two-Factor Authentication, Affiliate account creation, etc.


Information on Software, such as Adobe Creative Cloud, Digital Measures, UTK Software Distribution Site Access, etc.

Cable TV

How to configure your Analog/Digital TV for access to UTC's cable, available TV channels, and other cable-based FAQ's

Classroom Technology

Information related to using the technology in the classrooms

Communication and Collaboration

Information on Microsoft Teams and Zoom functionality


Info sources related to Listservs, MocsMail+ accounts, Microsoft O365 and Outlook functions


Information related to device hardware and the Computer Refresh Program


Resources related to how to remotely connect to a computer lab machine, available software for use on Lab machines, etc.


Helpful resources on accessing and troubleshooting UTC's networks, including UTC Wireless, Guest Wireless, and VPN


Information associated with campus phone functionality, such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Voicemail access, etc.


Info related to printing on campus, such as printing from a personal device to a campus printer


Helpful resources related to security, such as how to report Spam Email, Suspected Phishing Attempts, etc.