Setting up Two-Factor Authentication (Duo)

1. Using a computer, go to

2. Log in with your NetID (also known as your UTC ID) and password.

3. Select the option I have a smartphone and check the box for I am ready to use two-factor... Click Sign Up.

4. Select 'Start Setup'.

5. Select which type of device you are adding.

6. Enter your phone number and check the box to confirm the number is correct. Press Continue’.

 7. Select what type of phone you are using. Press Continue’.

8. Install the “Duo Mobile” app on your mobile device if you have not already. Press Continue’.

9. Scan the onscreen code from the Duo app. When the green check mark appears, click Continue’.

10. IMPORTANT You must click 'Continue to Login' to complete the 2FA set-up process.

11. Select an authentication method.
- Click Send Me a Push to receive an alert on your smartphone (Recommended)
- Click Enter a Passcode to use the code displayed in the Duo Mobile App on your smartphone.

12. You have successfully enabled two-factor on your UTC ID (NetID) account and you are ready to use two-factor. Click 'Okay'.


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Tue 4/20/21 4:10 PM
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