Enroll Your Device in Two-Factor Authentication

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Special Notes


  1. Visit 2fa.utk.edu/signup
  2. Log in with your NetID and password
  3. Select ‘I have a smartphone’ and ensure the box next to ‘I am ready to use two-factor authentication for UT services.’ is checked
  4. Select ‘Sign Up
  5. Select ‘Start Setup
  6. Select the device you are enrolling
  7. Enter your phone number and check the box to confirm your phone number is correct. Select ‘Continue
  8. Select the device you are using
  9. On your mobile device, install the Duo Mobile app. Its icon will look like this:
    Duo Mobile app icon; The background is lime green with the work Duo written in white.
  10. Once the app has been installed, open it and use the scanner to scan the QR code on your screen. When the green check mark appears, select ‘Continue
    1. Optional: If you would like for your phone to automatically receive a Duo push notification when you log in, select ‘Automatically send this device a Duo Push’ in the drop down menu
  11. Select ‘Continue to Login
  12. Select an authentication method
    1. If you select ‘Send Me a Duo Push’ you will receive an alert on your phone
    2. If you select ‘Enter a Passcode’ you will need to generate a passcode within the Duo app on your phone and enter it in the ‘Passcode’ box


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