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Email, Calendars & Collaboration

Get help with email (Microsoft 365 and MocsMail+), calendar, Instant Messaging, SharePoint, or report a problem.

Accounts & Access

Affiliate account creations, Duo 2FA, ID merge, name changes, password resets, and new/updated account requests.

Information Security

The Information Security Office (ISO) works with the campus community to protect UTC from and respond to security threats.

Hardware & Software

Get help or request software, installing software, Procuring a new computer, printer, or software, or get help with a smart classroom. You can also chat with the Help Desk or get walk in support for students.

Learning Technologies

Support for Audio/Visual needs, classroom computer labs, digital signage, new research projects consultations and webinars.

Internet, WiFi, and Networking

Campus network service and access. Add a Network Port, Connect a New Device to the Network, DNS records and DHCP reservations, Network Consultations, Problems with Wi-Fi or Wired connections and VPN's.

Telephone & Voicemail

Find information on VoIP phone services, telecommunications billing, moving existing phone lines, requesting new phone services, phone support, phone tree setups, and voicemail services.

Door Access and Video Surveillance

Request access to doors equipped with electronically controlled locks, consultation on implementing security cameras or electronic door access controls, troubleshoot and repair of campus doors utilizing the door access and video surveillance control system and assistance with installation of video management system and door monitoring software. In addition to using the links below, you can always email any requests to

Business Applications & Reporting

Request assistance with Microsoft forms, Flows and Work Flows, Team Dynamix and Web Forms.

IT Consulting & Special Services

Get help with High Performance Computing, Research Projects, and Research Project Consultations.

Systems & Servers

Get assistance with Backup and Recovery and Server hosting services.

Communications and Marketing

Services related to content creation and distribution, video production, photography and other campus-associated media.

Web Services

Support for website design and development, including content management, feature requests, and any needed repairs.

Colleges & Departments

Services used internally by individual Colleges and Departments.

Other Services

Services not categorized elsewhere.

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