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Need access to something? Use this form to request permissions. Whether it is for Shared Drive access (i.e. Departmental), SharePoint, etc.

Report a security incident and request help with responding to and recovering from a significant interruption of IT services.

Request assistance with configuring your account for two-factor authentication (Duo Mobile) or activating a new device

Backup and recovery allows customers to store their data away from their own servers and protect it in the case of an emergency loss.

Create a sponsored account for your department.

Lab maintenance for the Fall semester 2022 are July 22-24 and July 29-31. Please submit all software requests by June 29th. We may not be able to fulfill any requests submitted after June 29th.

Use this form to request software installation in a lab (or labs) during an IT maintenance window. Please select all labs that apply.

To view a list of software that is already installed in each lab, please go to

Request access to desktop or mobile software that is not currently offered by UTC IT.

Request a hardware token if you do not have a mobile device.

Request for multi-page design and development work, new site development

Individuals affiliated with multiple UT campuses may need to merge their separate accounts for login consistency and simplicity.

Passwords are required for Account Access Service to all UTC issued accounts.

Request IT Security consulting services related to University IT security policy, compliance, or System Security Plans.

Hosting and maintenance of physical and virtual servers.

Request assistance with connecting a new device to the campus network.

The Institutional and Departmental Dashboards represent a multi-year summary of UTC and its colleges, departments and programs.

Chat online with the Help Desk

Request the installation of Identity Finder to scan a computer for personally identifiable information.

The telecommunications team provides voicemail for all of its phone services, free of charge.

Visit our IT Solutions Center located in Lupton Room 106. Free technical support, including hardware, software, and consulting.

Recommendation on hardware and software needed for office and personal use

Request assistance with connecting a new device to the campus network.