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Passwords are required for Account Access Service to all UTC issued accounts.

A webinar is a function of Zoom that provides room for between 500-3000 attendees in a safe environment.

if you are in need of sponsoring a guest

Backup and recovery allows customers to store their data away from their own servers and protect it in the case of an emergency loss.

The telecommunications team can provide support for phone functions and hardware issues.

Request access rights to a door on campus.

Request assistance with your NetID, UTCID, Primary Email, or Microsoft Username

Assistance in replacing full time faculty and staff primary computers.

Please submit a general inquiry if you are unsure of what you need.

Request updates to headshots, location, and contact information

Is something broken or not working as you expect it to? Please let us know.

Lab maintenance for the Fall semester will be completed during the Summer. Please submit all software requests by June 30th. We must test any software prerequisites against existing software to make sure there are no incompatibilities. Because of the number of lab we may not be able to fulfill any requests submitted after June 30th for you particular space.

Use this form to request software for classroom computer lab installation only. Please select all labs that apply.

To view a list of software that is already installed in each lab, please go to

Request a Publication Number for a campus related print communication.

The telecommunications team provides voicemail for all of its phone services, free of charge.

Request a hardware token if you do not have a mobile device.

Request assistance with your mobile credentials for your MocsCard

Request assistance with software

Create an embedded form on the UTC website.

Recommendation on hardware and software needed for office and personal use

Faculty & Staff - Microsoft 365 Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Groups

Request assistance with existing research projects.