´éČ Web Services

Support for website design and development, including content management, feature requests, and any needed repairs.

Services (12)

Page Development

Request for a single page of content, major update to one page, addition of one new page to a site


Broken links, spelling/typos, picture changes, personnel profile data changes

Analytics and Reports

Request for SiteImprove report, Google analytics, and assistance with reporting analysis

Faculty Web Profiles

Full Time Faculty: get help with faculty info web page or Digital Measures profile

Campus Map Changes

Requests to update or change items on the interactive campus map

How to/Training

Request for training or assistance with an editorial task

Account Maintenance

Request to change access for an individual due to termination or dept. change; request a new account in Drupal, Wordpress or for SiteImprove

Report a System Problem

Website down, website inaccessible

Request for URL Changes

Requests for URL changes or shortcut links

Request Information

Have a question, need a quick answer

Search Engine Optimization

Assistance with search functionality, rankings, and SEO

Site Development

Request for multi-page design and development work, new site development