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Need access to something? Use this form to request permissions. Whether it is for Shared Drive access (i.e. Departmental), SharePoint, etc.

if you are in need of sponsoring a guest

Request access to desktop or mobile software that is not currently offered by UTC IT.

Request to change access for an individual due to termination or dept. change; request a new account in Drupal, Wordpress or for SiteImprove

Request Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Visit our IT Solutions Center located in Lupton Room 106. Free technical support, including hardware, software, and consulting.

Request assistance or report problems with the VPN. Request VPN account Elevation.

MocsMail + (Google), Questions about your MocsMail + account. Faculty & Staff can request a MocsMail + account.

Password related help found here

Request assistance or report problems with connecting to the campus wireless network (UTC-Secure, UTC, Eduroam) or campus wired network.

Create an embedded form on the UTC website.

Request a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) scanner, be installed to discover sensitive PII information on a Windows or Mac computer.

The EMS Campus Planning Interface (CPI) is the web-based interface that academic units use to review course schedule data and communicate changes.

Create a sponsored account for your department.

Complete annual IT Security Awaress training that is available via the K@TE system.