Telephone & Voicemail

Find information on VoIP phone services, telecommunications billing, moving existing phone lines, requesting new phone services, phone support, phone tree setups, and voicemail services.

Services (7)

Move an Existing Phone Service Line

The telecommunications team can relocate the connection and phone to a new location.

New Phone Service

Request a new phone number/extension or have the telecommunications team check billing accounts for available phone numbers/extensions.

Phone and Voicemail Support

The telecommunications team can provide support for phone functions and hardware issues.

Phone Tree

A phone tree presents callers with an audio message and directs them to select a menu item to have their call directed.

Telecomm Billing

The telecommunications team can assist with inquiries related to their Telecom Bill.


The telecommunications team provides voicemail for all of its phone services, free of charge.

Report Incident

Is something broken or not working as you expect it to? Please let us know.