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Ticketing systems are available 24/7. Support is available during normal UTC business hours.


A work ticketing system is a software application that collects customer requests from a wide range of sources and manages them in one location. Requests can include issues such as the need for a password reset, notification of an outage on one or more systems, or a request to develop an integration for a new software purchase. At UTC, we have three such systems, each with unique functionality:

  • Teamdynamix, used by the IT Help Desk, manages all requests for IT support
  • Jira, used by several offices, manages requests such as updating a web page
  • TMA, used by Facilities and Housing, manages requests for building or dorm maintenance.

A ticketing system reduces the need for individual emails to a single individual that might be missed or delayed if the person is out of the office. The systems also provide management with better reporting and understanding of issues on a more global scale. Ticketing systems are also available 24/7, allowing users to submit problems that require resolution at any time day or night.

Available to

  • Faculty, Staff, Students, Affiliates


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