Backup and Recovery

Submit a request to start a backup and restore project, submit a ticket to have data restored to protected system.


Backed up data is available to be restored in the case of such a loss or failure of the original server, or accidental deletion of files. IT has built an infrastructure to backup and protect customer data. This centralized environment allows for more cost-efficient solutions for our customers.

Backups perform an automated, scheduled backup of systems to ensure that data that has recently changed is protected. The standard schedule is once per day. We can also manually back up files at any time as needed. This can be useful just before software modifications and upgrades. Backups often retain multiple versions of a file to allow for recovery of an older version. These older versions are kept for 30 days, depending on storage availability.

Recovery allows restorations to the original server or location. We provide assistance to customers needing to recover data.

IT maintains backups of data and servers hosted with us. Microsoft protects Microsoft 365 data according to their policies. Google protects of G-Suite data according to their policies.

Available to

  • UTC Administrative Units
  • Faculty
  • Staff
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