Accounts & Access

Affiliate account creations, Duo 2FA, ID merge, name changes, password resets, and new/updated account requests.

Services (12)

Affiliate Account Creation

Create a sponsored account for your department.

Email Address Changes

Update you email address.

ID Merges (NETid and UTC ID merges)

Individuals affiliated with multiple UT campuses may need to merge their separate accounts for login consistency and simplicity.

Mocs Card - Mobile Assistance

Request assistance with your mobile credentials for your MocsCard

My Account Info Assistance

Request assistance with your NetID, UTCID, Primary Email, or Microsoft Username

MyMocsNet Assistance

Request assistance with MyMocsNet


Passwords are required for Account Access Service to all UTC issued accounts.

Request a Hardware Token for Two-Factor Authentication

Request a hardware token if you do not have a mobile device.

Sponsor Internet Access

if you are in need of sponsoring a guest

Two-Factor Authentication (Duo Mobile) Assistance

Request assistance with configuring your account for two-factor authentication (Duo Mobile) or activating a new device

User provisioning/Access

Need access to something? Use this form to request permissions. Whether it is for Shared Drive access (i.e. Departmental), SharePoint, etc.

Report Incident

Is something broken or not working as you expect it to? Please let us know.