Receiving SMS Text Messages and Emails from UTC-ALERT

Special Note

UTC-ALERT does not distribute advertising or other promotional content. Users pay no fees, other than any individual fees associated with SMS text messaging services. Some cellular service providers might not work with UTC-ALERT. Anyone receiving UTC-ALERT text messages can request removal by replying STOP to a UTC-ALERT.

How to check and update your personal UTC-ALERT information:

  1. Open your preferred web browser to:
  2. Log-in using your UTC ID (example: ABC123) and UTC password.
  3. Select the My Account tab.
  4. Check your current number(s) under the Mobile Phones section for accuracy.
  5. Click the Edit button beside existing mobile numbers to change or the Add button to add new mobile numbers to your account.
  6. Select the yellow TEST button to receive a test message.
  7. Same rule, from Step 5, apply for your Email addresses. Your registration email should be your main UTC email address.

If a test did not send through a confirmation or your registration email is inaccurate, please add your main UTC Email address then contact Emergency Services at


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