Connect Your Nintendo Wii to the UTC Network

Special Note

The old original Wii is not supported by UTC's wireless network. We cannot permit the original Wii to connect to the wireless without causing a performance degradation for the rest of the devices and users that are using the wireless network. The newer Wii U does not suffer from this incompatibility.

For the original Wii, we recommend purchasing the Nintendo ethernet adapter so that the Wii can be connected to the ethernet wall jack in your dorm room. It is available on Monoprice for $13 at the following link: Here


  1. Select the ‘Wii’ button
  2. Select ‘Wii Settings’
  3. Select ‘Internet’
  4. Select ‘Connection Settings’
  5. Select a Connection file
  6. Select ‘Wireless Connection’
  7. Select ‘Search for an Access Point’
  8. Select ‘OK’
  9. Select ‘UTC’
  10. Select ‘Yes’ when prompted to test network connection
  11. Select ‘OK’ if prompted to save your settings
  12. Locate the console’s MAC address
  13. On a computer, open your preferred web browser to:
  14. Under the ‘MAC address’ field, enter the console’s MAC address
  15. Under the ‘UTC ID’ field, enter your UTC ID
  16. Under the ‘Password’ field, enter your UTC password
  17. Select the device type from the dropdown box
  18. Select ‘Submit’



“I do not know my MAC address”

  1. Select ‘Wii Settings
  2. Select ‘Internet’
  3. Select ‘Console Settings’
  4. Your console’s MAC address should be displayed here


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