Connect Your Sony PS3 to the UTC Network


  1. Open ‘Settings’
  2. Select ‘Network Settings’
  3. Select ‘Internet Connection Settings’
  4. Connect the console to the UTC network (wired or wireless)
  5. Open the PS3 web browser
  6. Open ‘Settings’
  7. Select ‘System Settings’
  8. Locate the device’s MAC address
  9. On a computer, open your preferred web browser to:
  10. Under the ‘MAC address’ field, enter the console’s MAC address
  11. Under the ‘UTC ID’ field, enter your UTC ID
  12. Under the ‘Password’ field, enter your UTC password
  13. Select the device type from the dropdown box
  14. Select ‘Submit’


“I do not know my MAC Address”

  1. Open 'Settings'
  2. Select 'System Settings'
  3. Select 'System Information'
  4. Your console’s MAC address should be displayed here


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