Downloading and Installing Creative Cloud

Before you can install the Adobe applications, you must first install the Creative Cloud Desktop. If you have already installed Creative Cloud Desktop, learn how to install Creative Cloud Applications


  1. In a web browser go to and sign in with your email address.
  2. After a duo push, you may be prompted to select the type of account. Select the company or school account to continue.
  3. Click on the Creative Cloud icon on the top row, and then click the blue Download button.
  4. A small installer will be downloaded, click on Open when it is finished downloading.
  5. A window will open to notify you to enter your computer login password when prompted – click the continue button.
  6. The Creative Cloud Desktop App will begin installing. This is a large install and will take several minutes or more to download and install.
  7. You will also be presented with a couple of optional questions to set your preferences.
  8. Once successfully installed the Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop application window will open.
  9. From this page you can install the Adobe applications you require.


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