Digital Signatures


  • At the university, you may complete a number of forms requiring your signature. In an effort to recognize
    the professional work-embedded nature and busy schedules of participants and faculty, where possible we
    have adopted Digital Signatures.
  • Digital signatures assist organizations to streamline approval processes and reduce paper-handling costs (Levin, 2007).
  • Using digital signatures will have a visible impact on how employees collaborate, on efficiency, and on overhead paper expenses (Miller, 2011).

Note: Adobe Acrobat Pro or Adobe Reader might not be your default PDF viewer on your machine. Ensure you are opening file in Adobe to interact with the signature link.

Initial Setup of your Digital Signature

  1. Documents that allow for a digital signature are indicated by the small red arrow above the signature space
  2. Hover over the signature mark and "click to sign."
  3. The "Add Digital ID" window opens, allowing you to select from an existing digital signature or create one. If you don't already have one on this computer, select "A new digital ID I want to create now"
  4. Select Next
  5. The next window asks where you wish to store your digital ID. We recommend select  the "New PKCS#12 digital ID file" option
  6. Select Next
  7. Fill in your personal / professional information
  8. Select Next
  9. Type in a password. This password will protect your signature from being used by others without your knowledge or permission.
  10. Select Finish
  11. The resulting screen allows you to review your digital signature before signing the document. Enter your password and select Sign.
  12. Signing a document prompts you to store a digital copy on your computer. Path to your selected location and select save.
  13. The result is a copy of the document with your digital signature, date, and time stamped. You may now forward the signed document to the appropriate party via approved organizational guidelines.


Style your Digital Signature

You can configure your digital signature to look just like your ink signature

  1. Select a signature box you wish to sign in an PDF
  2. Before typing in your password, click on the dropdown box to the right of "Appearance:"
  3. Select Create New Appearance...
  4.  Give the appearance a title
  5. Under the section titled "Configure Graphic" select "Imported Graphic"
  6. Select "File..."
  7. Select "Browse"
  8. Locate a picture of your ink signature*
  9. Select Open
  10. Select Ok
  11. Select Ok
  12. Ensure your new appearance is selected
  13. Type your password in
  14. Select "Sign"

*Ensure that the file type you are looking for is selected in the bottom right of the page. The default file type view is PDF. If your ink signature is stored as a .JPG or .PNG, it will not show as a result unless the parameters here are set correctly

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