Avaya Mobility Apps

Avaya IX Workplace is here to streamline your daily telecommunications.

      With the app you can:

  •           Make calls using your university phone number
  •           Receive calls that ring to your university phone number
  •      Use your phone’s personal assistant to make calls
  •          Use contacts to make calls
  •          Keep a list of favorite contacts for easy use
  •          Easily recognize when a call is ringing to your university phone number
  •          View your call history
  •          Make conference calls (up to 6 members)
  •          And much more!

Directions to download and install

Navigate to https://myphone.utc.edu/ while on the VPN or on-campus network


On the mobile device for:

  •       Android: Open the Play Store application
  •           iOS: Open the App Store application

·         On the mobile device search for Avaya IX Workplace or follow the links provided:

  1.          Install Avaya IX Workplace Client
  2.          After the installation is complete open the application
  3.          Read and accept the End User License Agreement
  4.          Select configure my account
  5.          Enter your UTC provided email address
  6.          Enter your 4-digit office extension
  7.          Enter your password and tap next
  8.          Setup complete

The following contains information about changing your known SIP Password for your Avaya Phone. This numeric password is used to log your extension into your on-campus phone and/or to your Avaya IX Workplace account. You will be provided your temporary password when your extension is converted.


Requirements: Active network connection to UTC Secure or through the UTC VPN.


Directions for setup

Users should navigate to https://Myphone.utc.edu in a web browser.


In the User Id field enter your SIP Handle ex. 4000@voip.utc.edu. Unless otherwise instructed, SIP handles consist of your extension prepended to @voip.utc.edu. In the Password field enter your current password and press the Login button.



Select SIP for the Profile Type if it is not automatically selected. Enter your current password in the Current Password field. Enter your new password in the appropriate field.

  • Passwords must be 6-12 digits

Confirm the new password in the last field and press submit. The system will alert you to incorrectly filled fields or if the request was successful.


Videos For Desktop and iOS QuickStart guides:




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