Supported and Unsupported Devices on the UTC Network

UTC’s goal is to not to prevent any type of device from being used on the network, but there are many devices out there meant to be used at home and are not capable of working on an enterprise network.  UTC IT staff have spent many hours troubleshooting everything in the following list and have determined what does or does not work on the UTC network (wired/wireless).  Note that we do not seek out new device types to test, but if a user has one that is not on the list below we will work with them to either get them connected or determine if they are incompatible.

For all devices, please register them for network access at  Anything that does not support the agent installation or does not automatically register will open a ticket with the help desk for processing.

Supported Devices


  • Any device running Windows 7 and higher
  • Any device running MacOS 10.7 and higher
  • Any device running Linux
  • Any device running iOS or Android


  • Amazon Echo (all types)
  • Amazon Fire TV (all types)
  • Amazon wifi outlets
  • Anki Robot
  • AppleTV
    • Note: It is recommended to enable the on screen passcode to prevent others from streaming to your device
  • Bose Soundtouch Portable (1st gen)
  • Chareada LED
  • Chromecast / Chromecast Audio
  • Fitbit Aria 2
  • Google Home (all types)
  • Google Smart Clock
  • Hugoai outlets
  • JBL Link
  • LoveBox
  • Lumary LED light strip
  • Microsoft Xbox consoles (360 and newer)
  • Nintendo consoles (all except the original Wii)
  • Oculus Quest
  • Peloton Bike
  • Philips Hue
  • Roku
  • Samsung SmartThings
  • Shutter Theater Wifi Projector
  • Sony LF-S50G speaker
  • Sony Playstation consoles (3 and newer, Vita)
  • Steam Deck game console
  • TVs (most brands and models)
  • Wink Hub

Unsupported devices

  • Any wifi or non-wifi router
  • Any device that runs its own DHCP server
  • Any cameras
  • Gosund outlets (model WP5 tested)
  • GoveeLife smart countertop ice maker
  • Hatch Alarm Clock
  • LIFX wifi light bulbs
  • Nintendo Wii (original)
  • Philips Wiz Light Bulbs
  • Sonos Speakers
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