Finding the MAC Address for Your Google Home/Google Home Mini


Google Home

  1. Ensure you have the Google Home application installed on your smartphone or mobile device.
  2. Open the application and set up your Google Home.
  3. To obtain the MAC Address, click the three lines on the top left inside the application.
  4. Select Devices, and then select your Google Home.
  5. Click on Settings, scroll down to information, and your MAC Address should be revealed.


Google Home Mini (Should be the same for both android and apple devices)

  1. Open up Google Home App
  2. Tap on plus that says “Add
  3. Underneath Add to home tap on “ Set up device
  4. Underneath New Devices tap on “ Set up new devices in your home
  5. Tap and make sure “Home” is check or whatever home name you want
  6. Tap “Next
  7. (Make sure the Mini is on) It will proceed to look for the Google Home Mini a eventually connect saying “Google Home Mini found
  8. It will say “Would you like to set up this device?” tap on “Yes
  9. It will then connect to the mini and say “ Connecting to Google Home Mini…
  10. The Google Mini will make a jingle sound asking “ Did you hear the sound
  11. Tap on “Yes
  12. It will say “Help improve Google Home Mini” the clients choice if they want to , tap on “No Thanks” or “ Yes, I’m in
  13. It will say “Where is this device”, set it to the location where the clients wants it and then tap “Next
  14. It will say “Connect to Wi-Fi” here you will tap on the top right corner on the 3 vertical dots.
  15. A drop down menu will show and read “Submit feedback report” and “Show MAC address” tap on “ Show MAC address
  16. A window will pop on the center of your screen with the google Home mini’s MAC address
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