Zoom License Types: Pro and Basic

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There are two types of Zoom accounts, Licensed (Pro) and Basic. 

You do not need a zoom account to join meetings hosted by others.

  • Licensed (Pro) Account:
    • Unlimited number of meetings for any duration of time
    • Grant alternate hosts to manage an upcoming meeting or assign a co-host once a meeting starts
    • Host meetings with up to 300 participants
    • Provided to all UTC faculty and students
  • Basic Account
    • Unlimited number of meetings for up to 40 minutes for 3 or more particpants
    • Unlimited duration for meetings of less than 3 people
    • Host meetings with up to 300 participants
    • Assign a co-host once a meeting starts
    • Provided to all UTC staff

At UTC, faculty and students receive a Licensed (Pro) account when they sign into their Zoom account via the Single Sign-On (SSO) option. By default, everyone else gets a Zoom Basic account. During Covid, Zoom voluntarily relaxed the 40-minute meeting limit for Basic accounts. Recently they have removed this provision and are now back to limiting meetings to 40 minutes for Basic accounts. If you have noticed that the Zoom meetings you host are ending unexpectedly around the 40-minute mark you can ask for an upgrade to a Licensed (Pro) level account by submitting a request online to the UTK Help Desk or calling 865-974-9900.

Here’s How to Identify Your Zoom License Type

Using a web browser, go to tennessee.zoom.us and select "Create or Edit Account" to log in.
Click on the Profile icon in the upper right to review license type or from the Profile page locate the Account section on the page and review the license type.

Using the Zoom desktop application, select the Profile icon on the top-right of the desktop application. Locate the license type (Licensed or Basic) on the top-right of the Profile information.

For more information on using Zoom at UTC, please visit https://www.utc.edu/academic-affairs/walker-center-for-teaching-and-learning/learning-technologies/zoom.


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