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Services or Offerings?
The telecommunications can provide support for phone functions and hardware issues.

Visit our IT Solutions Center located in Lupton Room 106. Free technical support, including hardware, software, and consulting.

Chat with the Help Desk

Request access to desktop or mobile software that is not currently offered by UTC IT.

Request the installation of desktop software in a lab during a specified maintenance window.

Hosting and maintenance of physical and virtual servers.

Recommendation on hardware and software needed for office and personal use

Request individual student-level datasets. This often requires IRB approval, depending on the content and purpose of the request.

The Telecommunications team will provide an analog extension and analog phone upon request.

The Telecommunications team will provide a digital extension and digital phone upon request.

High-performance computing (HPC) projects.

A webinar is a function of Zoom that provides room for between 500-3000 attendees in a safe environment.