Linkedin Learning

What is LinkedIn Learning?

LinkedIn Learning (formerly known as is an online learning platform that provides access to thousands of courses and tutorials taught by experts and industry leaders. LinkedIn Learning allows you to learn new subjects and enables you to brush up on an existing skill you may already have.

Why LinkedIn Learning at UTC?

Formerly known as, here are some of the benefits and reasons UTC purchased licenses for faculty and staff:

  • Breadth of content – LinkedIn Learning offers a high-quality library of over 13,000 on-demand, expert-led instructional videos.
  • Flexible learning – Watch instructional videos on any device, on or offline, at your convenience.
  • Learning history tracking – Your learning history can be tracked, courses you are interested in saved, and certifications you receive can be accomplished with a LinkedIn Learning license.
  • Personalized learning – Curate your experience with trending skills in your field based on your likes, skills, and interests.  Course recommendations can come from your manager, Human Resources or your colleagues.
  • Ability to stay ahead – Insights from 575 million users help predict learning trends that will empower you to learn more.
  • Connection to your LinkedIn profile – LinkedIn Learning offers the option to automatically update your LinkedIn profile with the courses you complete.

Who has access to LinkedIn Learning?

All UTC employees - faculty and staff - have a LinkedIn Learning account. 

What if I don’t have a LinkedIn Account?

You do not need a LinkedIn account to access LinkedIn Learning. If you request an account, you will recieve an email that will allow you to directly access the LinkedIn Learning courses and content without having a LinkedIn profile.

How do I access LinkedIn Learning the first time?

You will need to request an invite by clicking on the "Request Access" button at the top of this page or by Clicking Here. Once submitted, you we will send you an email with a “Get Started” link.

How do I complete a course?

Each course is set-up with an Overview, Content, Q&A, Transcripts, and a Notebook. The content area is where you will access the videos that go along with the outline of the course.

Still have questions? Learn the basics of LinkedIn Learning here.

Where do I log in after I have my account?

Our LinkedIn Learning instance is available through single sign-on.  Access UTC's LinkedIn Learning environment here. Or click on the button under the left hand menu on this page.

What if I have questions about LinkedIn Learning or issues logging in?

Please submit a ticket here and we will be happy to assist. 

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