Faculty Mailing Lists

Academic Affairs maintains two mailing lists, one each for full-time and part-time faculty members. 

Full-Time Faculty Members: faculty@raven.utc.edu 

Part-Time (Adjunct) Faculty Members: adjunct@raven.utc.edu  

These mailing lists provide the most direct communication path to reach the faculty members of UTC. 

Subscribing to Faculty Mailing Lists 

When faculty members are initially appointed at UTC, they are typically automatically subscribed to the corresponding mailing list. You may request to be added to the mailing list, if you are not already, by sending an inquiry to academic-affairs@utc.edu.  

Moderation of Faculty Mailing Lists 

The mailing lists are moderated, so while anyone may submit a message, those messages are vetted before distribution to the faculty body. Messages must meet certain criteria for distribution, in part as recognition of the significant email traffic that faculty members already handle from their work in instruction, research, advising, and service. Conscientious curation of the list will ensure that faculty members are receiving messages which are targeted for them and the important role they play in the life of our campus. 

Please consider the following moderation guidelines for messages sent to the faculty mailing lists. 

  • Messages should be tailored to communicate with the faculty members of UTC in their roles as faculty members. 

  • Example: A university-wide committee is being formed, and some seats on the committee are for faculty members. The message to the mailing list(s) solicits nominations from the faculty body to fill the seats designated for faculty members. This message is likely to be approved. 

  • Example: A cook-out is being hosted by a campus unit and is open to all students and employees. This message is likely to be declined. 

  • Regular communication from an organization or unit should typically be no more frequent than once per week, with fortnightly communication being preferred. 

  • Exact copies of messages sent to other forums are likely to be declined, at the moderator’s discretion. 

  • Messages which are not informational, but rather consist of opinion or commentary, will be declined even if they are tailored to communicate with faculty members. 

The following senders will have their messages automatically approved: 

  • Faculty Senate President 

  • Faculty Senate Secretary 

  • Chancellor 

  • Vice chancellors 

  • Academic deans 

  • Vice provosts 

The following divisions/units should coordinate internally to send a single combined message from the division/unit at most once per week: 

  • UTC Library 

  • Walker Center for Teaching & Learning 

  • Research (ORSP, URACE, et al) 

  • Information Technology 

Inquiries about the mailing lists may be sent to academic-affairs@utc.edu



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