Connect Your Microsoft Xbox 360 to the UTC Network

Step One: Directions (on device)

  1. Open ‘My Xbox’
  2. Select ‘System Settings’
  3. Select ‘Network Settings’
  4. Select ‘Configure Network’
  5. Connect the console to the UTC network
  6. Select ‘Test Xbox Live Connection’
  7. Locate the device’s MAC address

Step Two: Directions (on another device - computer/phone)

  1. On another device connected to the UTC network, open your preferred web browser to:
  2. Select 'Yes' if you are a UTC student, faculty, staff, or affiliate
  3. Select 'Game Console'
  4. Enter your console’s MAC address
  5. Under the ‘UTC ID’ field, enter your UTC ID
  6. Under the ‘Password’ field, enter your UTC password
  7. Select the device type from the dropdown box
  8. Select ‘Submit’



“I do not know my MAC address”

  1. Open 'My Xbox' in the Xbox Dashboard
  2. Select 'System Settings'
  3. Select 'Network Settings'
  4. Select 'Configure Network'
  • Verify that IP Settings are set to 'Automatic'
  1. Select 'Advanced Settings'
  2. Select 'Alternate MAC address'
  3. Your MAC address will be under the 'Wired MAC address' field
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