Use a Sponsored Guest Account

Special Note

  • Sponsored accounts have limited access to local campus resources. Here are a few limited examples to help illustrate access restrictions.  Note that this is just a sample.
    • Google - yes
    • Canvas - yes
    • Microsoft 365 - yes
    • Projector screen sharing - yes
  • Access expiration various from account to account.
  • Access is limited to the start and end date of your account.
  • You must sign up for access on each device you want to use.
  • Accounts have a limited number of uses.
  • Accounts are commonly created for events, and as such, the ability to log into the account may be locked until the morning of the even and will expire the night of the event. For example, an event that lasts from Monday to Friday will give accounts network access from 12:00AM Monday and will revoke access 11:59PM Friday.

    • If you need access after the event then please contact the event organizer, or register as a guest if access is needed immediately.


  1. Connect to the wired network or to the 'UTC' WiFi.
  • Note: The 'UTC-Secure' WiFi is not available to sponsored accounts at this time.
  1.   Open your preferred web browser.
  1. Select 'No' when asked if you are a UTC student, faculty, staff, or affiliate
  2. Select 'Yes' when asked if you are a sponsored or conference guest.
  3. Under the 'Username' field, enter the username that was given to you.
  4. Under the 'Password' field, enter the password field that was given to you.
  5. Click 'Continue'
  6. Under the 'Email' field, enter your email address (
  7. Under the 'Last Name' field, enter your last name.
  8. Under the 'First Name' field, enter your first name.
  9. Under the 'Reason' field, enter a brief explanation for why you need Internet access (ex. Browsing Wikipedia)
  10. Click 'Continue'
  11. You'll be able to access the Internet after a couple of minutes. You may get disconnected from the UTC WiFi and may need to reconnect to it manually.
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