ViVi Software - Classrooms

In the classroom or conference room, first be sure to turn on the display using the control panel (typically located on the wall.)

To install the Vivi application on your device follow the appropriate step below for your device

University Computers

  • Windows Devices - Open Software Center and install the Vivi application
  • Apple Devices - Open Self Service and install the Vivi application

Mobile Devices

  • Visit the app store and search for Vivi

Personal Devices

  • Open your browser and navigate to The website will download the correct version for your device
    • The next page should look like this: 
  1. Leave the Email or Username section blank.
  2. Type in "utc" without the apostrophes for the Organization Code 
    • The next page will look like this:
  3. Select "University of Tennessee at Chattanooga".
  4. Select "Log In" on the next page. 
  5. This should take you to the UTK sign in page. Sign in here with your UPN (the same account you use to log into Microsoft products i.e and password.
    • If your password is not accepted, please call the Help Desk at 423-425-4000.
    • After signing in, the next page to display should resemble the following: