Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who is coordinating the Computer Refresh Program? 

The Computer Refresh Program is funded by UTC's Executive Team as a program of the IT Advisory Council. It is an institution-wide program designed to serve all regular, full-time faculty and staff.

Who is eligible to receive a new device? 

You must be a regular, full-time employee with a device that is five years old or older. The program does not include grant-funded positions, temporary workers, graduate students or student workers.

What will I need to provide to check if I'm eligible to receive a new device?

You will need to provide a Service Tag Number if your primary machine is a Dell/Windows device or your device's Serial Number if your primary device is an Apple/MacOs device.

What if I have more than one computing device? 

The focus of the Computer Refresh Program is to replace the 'primary' device used by faculty and staff. A primary device is the main computer faculty and staff use to do their daily work. 

What computer configuration will I be receiving? 

When you contact the Computer Refresh Program Team through submitting a service request or emailing, we will consult with you to determine the best configuration for your needs.

How much will it cost? 

The University contributes up to $1,200 toward a refreshed device and certain accessories. Departments are responsible for any overages. 

When will I get my new device? 

Based on the timeline for this year’s Computer Refresh Program, our goal is to begin the department-by-department deployment of computing devices starting in May each year. 

What happens to my old device? 

Once we deliver your new device, we will collect your old device. 

The reason for collecting your old device is to remove it from our supported fleet and to ensure that faculty and staff have the latest and most secure technology we can support. 

Whom do I contact if I have any questions?

Submit a request or email

All members of the Computer Refresh Program Team will receive your email. Someone will follow-up with you as quickly as possible to help with your questions.


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