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Services or Offerings?
Request individual student-level datasets. This often requires IRB approval, depending on the content and purpose of the request.

Requests for URL changes or shortcut links

Request a two-factor hardware token if you do not have a smartphone.

Request data and/or analysis including but not limited to enrollment, degrees awarded, retention, course outcomes, faculty information , SCH production, and reports for accrediting or governing bodies. Does not include individual student data.

If you do not have the necessary resources to fulfill your online classes, or work responsibilities in a remote or hybrid capacity, please fill out and submit the following form.

Have a question, need a quick answer

Request to change access for an individual due to termination or dept. change; request a new account in Drupal, Wordpress or for SiteImprove

Request customized role-based security awareness, training and education.

Request the installation of desktop software in a lab during a specified maintenance window.

Request access to desktop or mobile software that is not currently offered by UTC IT.

Request Two-factor Authentication (2FA)

Request for multi-page design and development work, new site development

Request for SiteImprove report, Google analytics, and assistance with reporting analysis

Requests to update or change items on the interactive campus map