Connect Your Smart TV to the UTC Network

General instructions: 

Note:  If you are powering on a brand new TV for the first time, you may need to connect it to a network other than UTC’s for it to complete its out-of-the-box updates.  Phone hotspots are common solutions, or you may need to bring the TV to us in UC 212 for further assistance. 
  • Connect the your TV to the UTC (not UTC-Secure) wireless network. 

  • Locate the MAC Address (sometimes called Wi-Fi Address, Physical Address, or Internet Address).  It is always 12 characters long and can contain numbers from 0-9 and letters A-F.  It is most commonly in the Settings or Network Settings menu. 

  • Visit on another device (phone or computer) and follow the instructions to enter the MAC address. 

    • Select Device Type
    • Enter Wired or Wireless MAC Address
    • Enter your  UTC ID and password
    • Enter your phone number

Common brands and instructions for finding the MAC Address: 


  • Go to Settings 
  • Select “Network” 
  • Select “About” 
  • The MAC Address is listed on the right side 


  • Go to Settings 
  • Select “Support” 
  • Select “About this TV or Contact Samsung” 
  • You may need to scroll to find the MAC Address 


  • Go to Settings 
  • Select “Network Setup” 
  • Choose “Wireless Setup” and connect to the UTC network 
  • Select “Network Setup – Status" to find the MAC Address 

Amazon FireStick 

  • Go to Settings (usually a gear icon from the main menu) 
  • Select “Device” or “My Fire TV” (the exact wording depends on the version of FireStick) 
  • Select “About” 
  • Select “Network” 
  • On the right side of the screen, we are looking for “MAC Address (Wi-Fi)” 



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