How to connect to a Lab Stats computer from a Mac OS Computer


  1. In order to connect to a remote lab computer in the LabStats Remote Access Dashboard from a Mac, you will first need to install two applications on your computer. First, navigate to in order to download Global Protect.

 *For instructions on how to connect your Mac to the UTC VPN, go to:


  1. Next, you will need to install Microsoft Remote Desktop from the Mac App Store.

  1. After installing these applications and connecting to the UTC VPN, you are now ready to connect to a remote lab computer in the Remote Access Dashboard. Navigate to, choose the computer that you would like to connect to, and click Connect. 


  1. You will then see a prompt to download a file to connect. Click Download. This will download an RDP file to your default download folder. 


  1. Open the file that you just downloaded. You will be prompted for your domain, username and password. Enter your utcID in the following format: cha\abc123. Then click Continue on the next two windows. 



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