Obtaining Adobe Creative Cloud - Start Here

Special Note

Effective 2019, the UT system has renewed its system-wide contract with Adobe for Creative Cloud. The new contract licensing format for Creative Cloud is based on a subscription model that will require annual renewal. The new license format will be specific to individual users, and will require UTC IT to assign licenses to employees in order to use Adobe products. 

Cost: UTC has chosen not to charge individuals and departments for the use of Adobe Creative Cloud for this year.

Benefits of the new license for individual users of Creative Cloud include:

  • The ability for the employee to use the software on 2 computers at once, one of which may be a home computer.
  • All Adobe products in the Creative Cloud suite will be available for download on an on-demand, per-app basis (Example: If Photoshop and Acrobat are all that’s needed on a computer, only those two apps selected will be downloaded/installed).

Note: The benefits highlighted above are not available for Captivate or Presenter.

UTC departments may purchase licenses for Captivate and Presenter separately through UTC’s Help Desk by request.


  • Employees must be entered in IRIS as a regular, full-time faculty or staff to be eligible for entitlement.
  • Adjunct instructors, part-time staff and special titled employees (such as Affiliates and Friends of the University) do not qualify for entitlement.
  • Eligible students include the following for named licenses:
    • Art and Communication majors
    • Art and Communication minors are eligible only during semesters when enrolled in a course for their minor.
    • Interior Architecture students are eligible only during the semester when enrolled in the IARC 2150 course.
  • Student Employees may be provisioned with a Named License at the request of a Supervisor under the following conditions:
    • Supervisor meets the full-time eligibility criteria mentioned above.
    • Student Employee uses the Named License to conduct non-academic work for the department.
The Adobe Creative Suite is also available for use by all students in a number of computer labs on campus.


Step 1: Submit approval request for Adobe Pro/Adobe Creative Cloud

Employees should fill out the following request form in order to begin the process for obtaining a Adobe Creative Cloud named license: Software Request Form

Information requested in this form:

  • E-mail address of the person requesting the software
  • E-mail address of the individual installing the software
  • E-mail address of the department/budget approver

Once the request has been approved by your department/budget approver, the Help Desk will send you instructions on next steps which will include the following steps.


Step 2: Remove your old Acrobat and Creative Cloud applications

Before you install the new applications, please remove any Creative Cloud application, including Acrobat, from your computer.

Instructions for removing Creative Cloud from your computer


Step 3: Sign into Adobe.com

Sign in at adobe.com with your NetID@tennessee.edu username to download, install, and access the Creative Cloud applications.

Instructions for signing in at adobe.com


Step 4: Install the Creative Cloud Desktop App

Before you can install any of the individual applications, you must first install the Creative Cloud Desktop App. Instructions are found here.


Step 5: Install the Creative Cloud Applications

With the Creative Cloud Desktop App, you can pick and choose which Creative Cloud applications to install on your computer.
Instructions are found here.


Step 6: Sign Out

When you close an application or turn off your computer, you will not be automatically logged out of your Adobe session.

  • If you are using a shared computer, don’t forget to log out of your Adobe applications once you have completed your work.
  • You may have 2 concurrent sessions for your Creative Cloud applications.  Log off one of your sessions to sign in from another computer.

    Instructions for logging out of your Creative Cloud applications


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