How do I manage shared files in OneDrive?

If your department or team uses O365 Groups as their online file storage solution, you can access and manage your group’s document library within OneDrive. Learn below how to navigate OneDrive on the web and mobile application. You can also sync your OneDrive cloud to your computer, click here to learn how.

OneDrive on the web (Windows and MacOS)  

Access your shared files 

  1. Open your preferred web browser to and sign in with your University email address and password.   

  1. Select the app launcher icon > OneDrive.    


  1. Navigate to Shared Libraries. 

You can also navigate to “Quick access” on the left navigation pane or click “More places…”. 

  1. Select your group’s library. 


Upload a File or folder 

  1. Select Upload and then select Files or Folder.  

  1. Select the file or folder you want to upload.  

  1. Select Open for files or Upload for folder.  

Create a file 

Select New and choose the type of document you want. To rename, click on the file name in the top title bar and type a name. 

Note: All changes are automatically saved and shared across all devices and team members. 

Create a folder 

  1. Select New > Folder.  

  1. Type a name for your folder and select Create

  1. Add files by dragging them into the folder or selecting Upload.   

OneDrive Mobile App (Android and iOS) 

Open your mobile app and navigate to Shared Libraries


Upload a File or Folder 

In your library, tap the Add icon at the top of the screen. You can Take a photo or video, Scan a document, Create a folder, or Upload a file or photo. 


Create a new folder 

In your library, tap the Add icon at the top of the screen and then Create a folder

For iOS app, under Folder name there’s a field that says “New Folder”. Tap on the field and type the name you want for the folder, then tap Create

For Android app, type in the name you want and then tap OK

OneDrive Mobile App Troubleshooting  

iOS app:  

Android app: 


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