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How to re-add your UTC email account in Outlook (macOS)

Sign out of your UTC account in Outlook.   Add your UTC email account back to Outlook by entering your O365 username, typically

Speed testing

network ... UTC runs a local speed test server.  It's accessible both on and off the campus network, so you can use it from home as well.  Note that speed testing can be affected by many different factors and

Cable TV Channels

TV Viewing Channel Program TV Viewing Channel Program 2.1 UTC Channel 1 41.1 Golf Channel HD

Getting Started with IT for Students

 email (ex. and UTC password. ^ Back to Top On Campus Connect to UTC’s Network Connecting to UTC’s network is different depending on the type of device you are trying

Getting Started with IT for Employees

network ... Table of Contents Getting Connected Activate Your Account Duo UTC Email Telephone UTC Alerts UTC Network Resources Storage and Collaboration Download

Use a Sponsored Guest Account

. Directions Connect to the wired network or to the 'UTC' WiFi. Note: The 'UTC-Secure' WiFi is not available to sponsored accounts at this time.   Open your preferred web browser

Sponsor Internet Access for an Individual Guest

Special Note If you are a guest wanting to obtain internet access, you will need a current member of UTC faculty or staff to sponsor your account. Directions Open your preferred web

Finding the MAC Address for Your Chromecast

.         Android Open your phone’s device settings.   Under “Wireless & networks,” touch Wi-Fi.   Connect to the broadcasted Chromecast SSID (e.g. Chromecast0256).   Once connected, navigate

Finding the MAC Address for Your Google Home/Google Home Mini

Directions Google Home Ensure you have the Google Home application installed on your smartphone or mobile device.   Open the application and set up your Google Home.   To obtain

Sponsor Internet Access for Multiple Guests or a Conference/Event

Access' category and click the 'Request Service' button on the following page   If prompted to sign in, under the ‘User ID’ field, enter your UTC ID (ex. abc123)   Under the ‘Password’ field

Mapping Shared Drives to Your Windows Computer

through the UTC VPN: Connect Your Windows Computer to the UTC VPN Directions Open the Start menu Search for 'My Computer' (if on Windows 7) or 'This PC' (if on Windows 10

Avaya Mobility Apps

-campus phone and/or to your Avaya IX Workplace account. You will be provided your temporary password when your extension is converted.   Requirements: Active network connection to UTC Secure or

Download from the UTK Software Distribution Website

Special Note You must be a current UTC or UTK student or a faculty/staff member of the UT system in order to get software from the UTK Software Distribution website. Some software will not work

Check if You Are an Administrator on Your Windows Computer

Directions Open the Start Menu and type in 'users' Click 'Add, edit, or remove other users' Your screen will show 'CHA \ [your UTC ID] If 'Administrator' appears below your UTC ID

Configure the iOS Outlook app for MocsMail+

’ Select 'Google'   Under the 'Email' field, enter your UTC MocsMail+ address Example: Select 'Sign in' You will be redirected to the CAS