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Account Maintenance

Request to change access for an individual due to termination or dept. change; request a new account in Drupal, Wordpress or for SiteImprove

Add Network Port

Add a new network data port to an office or other campus location.

Add software to Software Center/Self Service

Request access to desktop or mobile software that is not currently offered by UTC IT.

Affiliate Account Creation

Create a sponsored account for your department.

Analytics and Reports

Request for SiteImprove report, Google analytics, and assistance with reporting analysis

Audio Visual Engineering Consultation

Request a custom A/V engineering consultation for your department or classroom.

Automatic Call Distribution

Automatic call distribution is used to create a call center.


Backup and Recovery

Backup and recovery is the service that allows customers to store their data away from their own servers and protect it in the case of an emergency loss.


The telecommunications team can assist with inquiries related to their Telecom Bill.


Broken links, spelling/typos, picture changes, personnel profile data changes


Campus Map Changes

Requests to update or change items on the interactive campus map

Campus Planning Interface (CPI)

The EMS Campus Planning Interface (CPI) is the web-based interface that academic units use to review course schedule data and communicate changes.

Classroom Computer Lab

Evaluate, design and recommend technology for computer classrooms

Compromised account or computer

Report that you suspect your UTC user account or device has been compromised.

Computer Technology Refresh

Service to assist in the replacement of faculty and staff computers on a five year cycle

Connect a New Device to the Network (Faculty/Staff)

Request assistance with connecting a new device to the campus network.

Connect a New Device to the Network (Students)

Request assistance with connecting a new device to the campus network.


Digital Signage

The digital signage system is used throughout UTC to provide targeted messages with customized content directly at a particular audience.

DNS record / DHCP reservation - Add, Change, or Remove

Request an addition, change, or removal of a DNS record or DHCP Reservation

Duo Two-Factor Authentication

Request help with Duo, our two-factor authentication application.

Duo Two-Factor Hardware Token Request

Request a two-factor hardware token if you do not have a smartphone.

Dynamic Forms

Create forms that can produce PDF's with digital signatures.


Email & Collaboration Applications (Microsoft 365)

Faculty & Staff - Microsoft 365 Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, Groups

Email (MocsMail +) Google Students

MocsMail + (Google), Questions about your MocsMail + account. Faculty & Staff can request a MocsMail + account.

Email Address Changes

Update you email address.



The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga Factbook is a static compilation of current data including enrollment and demographic statistics, student success outcomes, workforce demographics, and a variety of commonly requested information primarily used for reporting purposes.

Faculty Web Profiles

Full Time Faculty: get help with faculty info web page or Digital Measures profile


High Performance Computing

High-performance computing (HPC) projects.

How to/Training

Request for training or assistance with an editorial task


ID Merges (NETid and UTC ID merges)

Individuals affiliated with multiple UT campuses may need to merge their separate accounts for login consistency and simplicity.

Incident Response & Recovery

Request help for your organization respond to and recover from any significant interruption of IT services.

Instant Messaging

Institutional Dashboards

The Institutional and Departmental Dashboards represent a multi-year summary of UTC and its colleges, departments and programs.

Institutional Strategic Planning and Reporting

Request information related to the university’s Strategic Plan and mandatory reporting to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

IT Procurement

Consultation service for your computer needs. We can also recommend a printer for your space.


Lab maintenance window software installation

Request the installation of desktop software in a lab during a specified maintenance window.


Microsoft Forms, Flow, and SharePoint Workflows

Create various forms that integrate into the Microsoft 365 Application Suite.

Modify a Research Project

Request assistance with existing research projects.

Move an Existing Phone Service Line

The telecommunications team will relocate the connection and phone for Analog or Digital Phone service.


Name Changes

Update your name across various IT systems.

Network Consultation

Consult with Network Staff prior to purchasing or installing a device to ensure it will connect and work on the UTC network.

New Analog Phone Service

The Telecommunications team will provide an analog extension and analog phone upon request.

New Digital Phone Service

The Telecommunications team will provide a digital extension and digital phone upon request.

New Program and Program Modification Research and Workforce Data

Request help or information regarding new program and program modification processes and/or workforce data.

New Research Project Network Consultation

Request assistance with new research projects.

New Research Project Network Consultation

Request assistance with new research projects.


Office Computer

Recommendation on hardware and software needed for office and personal use


Page Development

Request for a single page of content, major update to one page, addition of one new page to a site


Password related help found here

Phone Support

The telecommunications can provide support for phone functions and hardware issues.

Phone Tree

A phone tree presents callers with an audio message and directs them to select a menu item to have their call directed.

PII and Sensitive Data Scanning

Request a Personally Identifiable Information (PII) scanner, be installed to discover sensitive PII information on a Windows or Mac computer.

Problems with Wi-Fi or Wired Internet Connection

Request assistance or report problems with connecting to the campus wireless network (UTC-Secure, UTC, Eduroam) or campus wired network.


Raven Listserv Creation

Listservs offer a method of sending and managing emails to a predetermined contact list.

Raven Listserv Subscribe/Unsubscribe

Subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Raven Listserv .

Raven Listserv Update/Change

Update the owner, moderator, or other aspects of a listserv that you manage.

Report a System Problem

Website down, website inaccessible

Report Incident

Is something broken or not working as you expect it to? Please let us know.

Report Office 365 Migration Issue

Please use this form to report any issues experienced after the planned Office 365 Migration (October 8 - October 11). We will have staff both on phones and in the field ready to address your need.

Request for Aggregate Student, Faculty, Staff, or Program Data and Analysis

Request data and/or analysis including but not limited to enrollment, degrees awarded, retention, course outcomes, faculty information , SCH production, and reports for accrediting or governing bodies. Does not include individual student data.

Request for Data that Include Individual Student-Level Information

Request individual student-level datasets. This often requires IRB approval, depending on the content and purpose of the request.

Request for URL Changes

Requests for URL changes or shortcut links

Request Information

Have a question, need a quick answer

Risk Assessment

Request a Risk Assessment to determine the level of risk to your organization's systems and information.


SACSCOC Accreditation

Request information related to the university’s SACSCOC Accreditation, including the associated reporting, processes, and the Quality Enhancement Plan.

SACSCOC University Accreditation

SACSCOC is the regional body for the accreditation of degree-granting higher education institutions in the Southern states.

Search Engine Optimization

Assistance with search functionality, rankings, and SEO

Security Awareness

Complete annual IT Security Awaress training that is available via the K@TE system.

Security Consulting

Request IT Security consulting services related to University IT security policy or compliance guidelines and requirements.

Security training and education

Request customized role-based security awareness, training and education.

Server Hosting

Hosting and maintenance of physical and virtual servers.

Sign up for Alerts on Rave

The UTC-ALERT system is designed to inform the UTC community in the event of an emergency.

Site Development

Request for multi-page design and development work, new site development

Spam and Phishing email report handling

Report suspect phishing or spam email.

Sponsor Internet Access

if you are in need of sponsoring a guest

Submit Your Question

Submit a question to our Mocs One Center staff.

Support via chat

Chat with the Help Desk

Surveys, Evaluations, and Other Assessments

Request information on institutional surveys and assessments such as the CLE, FRA, NSEE, and FSSE; or, request help in the design, implementation, and analysis of your own surveys.


TeamDynamix enhancements, issues, requests

Technology Request

If you do not have the necessary resources to fulfill your online classes, or work responsibilities in a remote or hybrid capacity, please fill out and submit the following form.

Testing Center Services

The Testing Center provides UTC's students and the Chattanooga community with opportunities for admissions, college credit, and licensure/certification testing. Contact to schedule an exam.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Request Two-factor Authentication (2FA)


User provisioning/Access

Need access to something? Use this form to request permissions. Whether it is for Shared Drive access (i.e. Departmental), SharePoint, etc.



The telecommunications team provides voicemail for all of its phone services, free of charge.


Request assistance or report problems with the VPN. Request VPN account Elevation.

Vulnerability Scanning

Request vulnerability scanning services for servers or desktops/laptops.


Walk in support for students

Visit our IT Solutions Center located in Lupton Room 106. Free technical support, including hardware, software, and consulting.

Web Forms

Create an embedded form on the UTC website.


A webinar is a function of Zoom that provides room for between 500-3000 attendees in a safe environment.